Video Club Open House and Film Premiere Set for Monday, May 23

You are invited to attend the premiere of “The Hole in One,” a 22-minute original drama written by resident Douglas F. Sainsbury and starring residents Jules Zalon and Artie Rosenstein as retired golfing friends who share discoveries about life goals and how to attain them. The Video Club Open House and Film Premiere will be open without charge to all residents and their guests Monday, May 23, from 1 to 3 pm in the Video Lab and Studio. Masks are required for those not vaccinated.

Attendees will enjoy wine and cheese refreshments, and the Video Lab and the Video Studio will both have equipment demos. In the Lab, the Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center provides equipment to convert old media (34mm slides, VHS tapes, and more) to modern digital formats. A new high-speed, high-quality photo scanner will also be highlighted. In addition, residents will learn how they can borrow easy-to-use consumer camcorders and accessories for free (refundable deposit required).

Across the patio, the Video Studio will feature a green-screen demo where visitors can see themselves as TV newscasters behind a virtual desk. They’ll also use a teleprompter to read a script on camera like a pro.

“The Hole in One” is the third is the Video Club’s Short Dramatic Film series, produced by the Video One Productions team. Shot during November and December, 2021 at various Village locations, the film also features resident actors Terry Baker, Wendy Hames, Barbara Powell, and Stan Levin.

Doug Sainsbury’s script was chosen in September from eight entries submitted by current and former residents. The film focuses on a feisty retiree (Jules Zalon) battling a fatal illness and set on completing his bucket list by getting a hole in one. Another retiree, a skilled golfer (Artie Rosenstein), volunteers to coach him, becoming his close friend and helping him put his bucket list – and his life – into perspective.

Crew members included Dr. Tom Nash, Executive Producer and Advisor; John Kelly, Producer; Lucy V. Parker, Director; Jack Crawbuck, Director of Photography; Suzanne Savlov, Editor; Sheila Bialka, Dramatic Advisor; Douglas F. Sainsbury, Golf Advisor; Gila Zalon, Casting Director; Barbara Powell, Costume Manager; Alexandra Scott-Kelly, Art Director and Still Photographer; Betsy Martin, Catering Manager; and Fred Harshbarger, Archive Videographer.

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