Deadline for 2022 Short Dramatic Film Script Contest Is June 24

Please scroll down to view and/or download Rules for Submission.
The Video Club of Laguna Woods is seeking an original script for a 10-to-20-minute drama (may be comedy, etc.). It should be fully scripted and using actors. It will be produced by the club’s Video One Productions team during 2022 (pre-production in summer, shooting in early fall, post-production in later fall) for broadcast on Village Television, possible submission to film festivals, later streaming on YouTube, and other distribution.

This will be the fourth film in the club’s annual Short Dramatic Film series. Earlier films were “Write It Down” (2019), “What? You, Too?” (2021), and “The Hole in One” (set to premiere as part of a Video Club Open House on Monday, May 23, 2022).

Submission is open to residents of Laguna Woods Village and members or past members of Village clubs registered with the Village Management Services Recreation Department. The contest deadline is Friday, June 24, 2022. Submit your script as a PDF in proper dramatic filmscript format attached to an email to

Questions? Call or email Tom Nash, 714-381-0781,

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