Kirkpatrick, Starkey, Berman Win Video Contest at Goldies Awards Banquet

Click here to view and/or download all banquet photos, including guest portraits.

Club members Sidney Kirkpatrick, Starkey, and Marsha Berman were chosen as the three top winners by members present February 24 at the Video Club’s 11th Annual Goldie Awards Banquet in the 19 Restaurant. The successful event was chaired by Marsha Berman with Joan Carman handling reservations for the buffet dinner. Club Vice-President Tom Nash hosted the program, substituting for President Steve Carman, who was not feeling well. Fifty-six members and guests attended.

As in past years, all the entries will be compiled into an hour-long TV program, which, combined with winner interviews and Banquet photos, will air on Village Television and later be uploaded to the club’s YouTube channel.

Download and Print Your Portrait

A popular traditional feature of the banquet – photo portraits of dressed-up attendees before a Video Club logo screen – was held outside the restaurant on the balcony. Club member Farrokh Motahedi took the 37 portraits, which may be viewed and/or downloaded along with 84 other banquet photos by Barbel Dagostino and Lucy Parker. To access them, click the Google Photos link above.

Video Entries

Eleven video entries, all under four minutes, were shown by Stephanie Brasher, who edited the presentation. Other entries were “No More Ties” by Gila Zalon, “Air Show” by Jim Rohrs, “Greenfields: A Paradoxical Music Video” by Sheryl Martin, “Lemming” by Fred Harshbarger, “Sheri’s Christmas Gift” by Steve Carman, “In Loving Memory” by Stephanie Brasher, “Architectural Journey Through Europe” by Wolfgang Kutter, and “Biplane Adventure” by Robert Matonti. Topics range from comedy to a music video to family memories, travel scenes, and air-borne adventures.

The Apology”

Sidney Kirkpatrick’s memoir video, “The Apology,” took first place. The video recalls how, as a child, Sidney joined with other boys, tormenting the noted actor Hurd Hatfield, who owned an elegant residence in their town, and calling him a “faggot.” An unexpected kindness Hatfield paid to young Sidney, offering him scones and tea and asking “What is a faggot?” (Sidney didn’t know) led the videographer, as an adult, to a supportive view of gay rights. Many years later, life offered Sidney an opportunity to right his childhood wrong.

Championing Young Lives”

Starkey’s documentary, “Championing Young Lives,” took second place. Her video, in the words of Kathleen Pawluk, Assistance League chapter President, “provides an excellent visual overview of (the) Assistance League of Laguna Beach, our philanthropic programs – particularly the Early Intervention Program – and our Thrift Shop that funds our programs.” Especially memorable are views of activity programs for developmentally delayed infants and toddlers and their parents, along with views of shoppers seeking bargains in the League’s thrift shop.

An Amazing Adventure”

In her first submission to the Video Club’s Annual Short Video Contest, “An Amazing Adventure,” Membership Director Marsha Berman won third-place. Her travel video takes viewers on an educational and fun-filled trip to Alaska. With narration by Marsha and upbeat music, the video keeps us on track as we visit traditional Alaska highlights, plus a few surprises, riding in a comfy travel rig with Marsha, her husband – and their dog.

Another Banquet Highlight

As the votes were counted, Lucy Parker, the club’s Publicity Director and a Past-President, recounted the Video Club’s efforts to carry on during the second year of the Covid pandemic when she presented a talk, “2021 Video Club Review.” (See her text in another post.)

Door Prize Donors

Many guests left the Banquet smiling over door prizes they had won. Marsha Berman and Tom Nash pulled winning tickets, and Betsy Martin distributed the prizes. Door prize donors were Snooty Fox, Laguna Care, Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill, Stater Brothers, Woody’s Diner, Jolanda’s, Jersey Mike’s, the 19 Restaurant, and Trader Joe’s.

Awards Banquet Team

Club members not already mentioned who helped make the Awards Banquet a success included Betsy Martin, Video Contest Chair; the Video Acceptance Committee (Betsy Martin, John Kelly, Joan Carman, Lucy Parker, and Wolfgang Kutter), who reviewed the video entries; Joan Carman and Marsha Berman, decorations; and Joan Carman, Reception Table (all guests had their Covid vaccination status checked before entering).

Others were Marsha Berman, statuettes; Lucy Parker, flier, program design, and website posts; Tom Nash and Jack Crawbuck, music and sound; and the cleanup crew (Jack Crawbuck, Tom Nash, Larry Berman, Stephanie Brasher, Joan Carman, Marsha Berman, and Starkey). Many thanks to all!

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