72-inch TV Added to Video Studio Wall


Thanks to the generosity of the Mac Club, our Video Studio now owns a 72-inch Samsung television (and wall mount) – plus an Apple TV unit to cast content to the screen from Apple devices (and to show TV programs). Thanks to Stephanie Brasher, a leader in the Mac Club as well as the Video Club, for facilitating the gift. And special thanks to Larry Berman, Marsha Berman, and Starkey for getting the TV to the Video Studio and installing it on the east wall – just in time for our Open House and Film Premiere on May 23.

“The large-screen TV will be an asset for presentations as well as for instruction in the Studio,” said Tom Nash, club Vice President and Studio Manager, adding that a high-quality audio system, which had previously been donated to the club, has been installed to improve the television’s sound.

Tom Nash (center) uses the Video Studio’s new large-screen TV (a gift from the Mac Club) to teach Audio Workshop during April, 2022.

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