Volunteer to Help on These Shoots!


Crew members are needed for a series of video shoots organized by Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger. The goal is to produce a 30-minute video for Village Television to let residents know about the services available to them through the Video Club. Come and help out – Fred will find a job for you! For more info or to volunteer, please contact Fred at f.harshbarger@sbcglobal.net ASAP. Video skills welcome but not essential. All are invited to this major learning opportunity.

Since the Covid pandemic, Video Lab use and Video Club membership are both down significantly. Help us build them back up! The new promotional video will also be available on our YouTube channel and on the Video Club’s website.

A script made up of 12 segments has been written and approved, covering many Video Lab services. Following a recent casting call, resident actors have been cast to portray residents using the Lab. Several Lab Supervisors will portray themselves helping the residents.

Shooting began on Monday, May 2. Additional shoots are planned most Mondays and Fridays during May and into early June. Each shoot will last approximately 3 hours.


Times are for crew arrival. Cast members arrive later.
For outdoor shoot, the crew will assemble in the Clubhouse 2 parking lot.


Monday, May 2 Video Lab 9 am Segments 9 & 10

Friday, May 6 Outdoors 9 am Segments 1 & 12

Monday, May 9 Video Lab 12 noon Segments 6 & 7

Friday, May 13 Video Lab 9 am Segments 2 & 11

Friday, May 20 Video Lab 9 am Segments 3 & 4

Friday, May 27 Video Lab 9 am Segment 5

Monday, June 3 Video Lab 9 am Segment 8

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