Club Adds New PCs, Studio Gear, Loaner Camcorders, Software with $5,000 GRF Grant

Submitted by Dr. Tom Nash
Vice President, Learning Opportunities Director, and Video Studio Manager

Through this year’s $5,000 Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) grant to the Video Club, we were able to make some significant advances. For the Video Lab, we were able to replace three old PC computers, which were no longer able to run the latest video editing software, with excellent and fast Dell Optiplex computers, three at $660 each. We also added two new Canon Vixia video camcorders to the check-out stock, available to residents and clubs without charge (deposit required). These are similar to our other camcorders and are the only inexpensive model that has a connection for external sound. Two at $199. We also added two new Magnus TV-300 Video tripods for check-out, at $80 each.

We were able to upgrade our PC editing software to Corel Video Studio X10, seven copies at $49, to replace now-outdated versions.

For the Video Studio, we were able to acquire a Zoom 12-channel digital mixer and recorder. This will be especially useful when recording music since we can record each channel separately and mix them down later, getting a much better mix. $600. We were also able to get a new tripod with remote zoom control for one of the studio cameras, $227.

The sound went out on one of our studio video monitors. We were able to replace it with a new Samsung 55-inch TV monitor, $598. We were also able to acquire four new LED lights which will be used as back lights on the main set, four at $129.

Finally we were able to add to our sound gear by buying a hand-held wireless mic that can be used in interview situations, $179.

Our appreciation to GRF for recognizing the value of the Video Club in all that we do for the community and for this grant to help up keep our equipment up to date.

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