Video Club Expansion Report, Evaluating New Communication Tools

Submitted by Steve Carman, President,

I have some promising news to share this month.

Upgrading Our Facilities


As I reported to our Board of Directors on March 1, results were encouraging from a Video Club Expansion Meeting held on February 2 with Village Management Services CEO Brad Hudson. Joining us on a site tour were IT Services Manager Chuck Holland, Village Television Manager Paul Ortiz, and Clubhouse 2 Manager Laura Cooley. Video Club Vice President Tom Nash and Publicity Director Lucy Parker attended with me.

Following a meeting in the Video Lab, we toured the Video Studio, the Card Room next door, and the former Card Room next to the Lab (currently being used for storage). Based on a written proposal by Tom Nash, we discussed cleanup and expansion of the VC Studio into the adjacent Card Room to provide space for a sound-proof Control Room and a green room and dressing area. Improvements to the Video Lab under discussion included upgrading the audio system, adding more storage to the front of the room (to be hidden behind curtains or panels), and putting in new carpeting and furniture (long tables).

Brad agreed with the proposed expansion and cleanup of the Lab and Studio, which would require relocation of the Card Room, probably to the former Card Room space now being used for storage, but stressed that the project must be brought to the GRF Community Activities Committee for approval (probably in April). If approved, he says the project can be added to the 2018 list of projects and may be financed out of current maintenance funds. As our contribution, the VC would fund the audio upgrade to the Video Lab.

Improving Club Communication

At my request, the Video Club Board is also evaluating (that’s “co,” not “com”), a free online service which “empowers active adults and their activity groups (Clubs) with online/mobile tools and a social media experience that connects them with fellow (Club members) and celebrates the activities they are passionate about.” I understand that 11 other Village clubs are also looking into MyGrove, which was built using (and improving upon) open source Google tools. With individual accounts for participating members, MyGrove helps clubs “communicate and share resources (such as member lists and dues info) with members from one place.”

MyGrove also “makes it easy for members to receive up-to-date information (such as news of events), whether they prefer to receive notices via email, in a browser, or in a mobile app.” Hopefully, MyGrove will live up to its promise to “encourage members to share and connect more often.”

2 thoughts on “Video Club Expansion Report, Evaluating New Communication Tools

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  1. Thanks. This website is so easy to use, informative and beautiful. Connie and Lucy, I commend you both for creating and maintaining the Video Club’s website. You gals rock!!
    Betsy Martin

  2. Yes, you’re right Betsy, easy to use, but the photo of Steve should be in my opinion, be of best quality. Steve is a lot better looking than this copy of a photo….
    Otherwise your site is very informative and I’m sure a lot of work.
    Please update the membership form to 2020. Congrats to everyone at the Video Club.
    Barbel Dagostino

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