Learn “The Importance of Music in Your Video” at March 15 General Meeting

The right music can transform a “ho hum”video production into a gripping work of art,” according to Dr. Tom Nash, who will explain “The Importance of Music in Your Video” at our next General Meeting, Thursday, March 15, in the Video Lab. Refreshments and socializing at 6:30 pm, program at 7 pm. Open without charge to all residents and their guests. Click here for flier.

music notesMusic conveys emotion more powerfully than any other medium,” Tom points out. “The wrong music can distract from your program, but the right music will greatly enhance it.” In this talk, Tom, who retired as head of the Mass Communications Department at Biola University and teaches many classes for the club, will discuss:

● How to identify the emotions you wish to convey

● How to choose music that delivers those emotions

● Sources for music

● Problems with using copyrighted music

● Sources for copyright-free music

For more information, please contact Steve Carman, steve.carman@mac.com, 424-254-6583.

Oops! Don’t risk getting a YouTube strike!

YouTube strike

NEXT MONTH: An update on Village Television and Broadband Services is planned at our General Meeting on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

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