Project Day March 5 to Feature Video Contest Entrants

Voting bags are shown above at the 8th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet. Three of the 10 entries will be discussed during Project Day. This year, for the first time, voting was limited to members present at the event.

Voting-bagsThree videos from the Video Club’s 2017 Short Video Contest will be discussed along with other member-made videos at the Video Club’s tri-quarterly Project Day, Monday, March 5, 1-3 pm in the Video Lab. Coordinated by Betsy Martin, Project Day is when members present recent work and work-in-progress for discussion and critique. Open without charge to all residents and their guests. Don’t miss it!

Lucy Parker will describe how she used two Village actors and four family members to create a short video fable, “The Three Wishes,” which was awarded first place by club members attending the 8th annual “Academy” Awards Banquet on February 24 in Clubhouse 2. Lucy will also explain how she created special “magic” effects used in the video.

Debra Waller will share how the meticulous work that went into her first video, “An Amazing Story,” chosen from 15 entries by the Video Acceptance Committee as one of the top 10 videos to be shown at the banquet. It tells how Debra crossed paths many years ago with the man who is now her husband.

Stephanie Brasher will share and discuss her video entry, “Some Enchanted Marriage…” – a tribute to the long marriage of club past-president Norma Benner and her husband, Neil. Stephanie will also discuss making an iPad birthday video with special effects.

Jim Rohrs will share the making of his 30-second promo for the Laguna Woods Softball Club and explain techniques he recently used to record the Village rock band, “Rock of Ages.”

If you would like to be a presenter at the next Project Day on Monday, June 4, please contact Betsy at, 707-540-1955.

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