Video One Got Out in April with Location Shoots and Film School Tour

Several ambitious remote shoots highlighted April for the Video One production team, along with a trip on April 20 to Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, organized by Dr. Jeanne Mayer with help from Leon Goldberg, where a group of Video Club members observeded student TV news broadcasting in action and enjoyed a gourmet luncheon in the student food court. (See photos below by Lucy Parker.)

20180421_202735-smEnjoying the social side, Video One members gathered at Betsy Martin’s April 21 for another successful potluck. Their first was held last December. In photo at left (by Lucy Parker), Betsy enters 3D virtual reality on an Occulus device brought to the party by Jim Rohrs as Bonnie Beaux Fullerton looks on.

On April 7, Starkey shot a resident’s memorial service, to be edited by Video Club Past President Norma Benner. On April 9, Jim Rohrs headed a baseball action shoot during the Village Senior Games. This coverage was in addition to a 30-second Softball Club promo Jim recently produced to run on Village TV.

20180420_101654-sm     20180420_121606-sm

20180411_093943-edited-smBill Hemberger headed a two-location shoot on April 11, casting Old Pros members David Dearing and Carol Glenn Shallin as perpetrator and victim for Video One’s long-planned series of short video promos alerting seniors to scams. Assisting him were John Kelly, Jim Rohrs, Dr. Jeanne Mayer, and Lucy Parker. The first shoot showed “scammer” David on the phone in a Performing Arts Center office. As the boom mic operator, Lucy had an easy job, sitting down and resting her boom on the desk. The second shoot, in the kitchen of Bill’s manor, showed a distraught Carol on the phone trying to get her “grandson” out of jail. Photos by Lucy Parker

20180411_094221_001-sm     20180411_093943-sm

IMG_3193-smAs producer of a promotional video for the resident musical group Woods Combo, new Video One member Fred Harshbarger of Costa Mesa brought his own equipment to conduct a multi-camera performance shoot on April 25, where he was assisted by Tom Nash, Jim Rohrs, Starkey, and Betsy Martin. Video One member Bill Hemberger (second from  left) plays drums in the group. With two cameras fixed on the band and a third collecting audience reaction, Betsy observed, “We were a little short-handed. To fully carry out Fred’s plans, we could have used another camera on the band for closeups, plus a second camera on the audience.” Photo at top of page by Fred Harshbarger; photo of combo above by Stephanie Brasher.


In addition, on April 6 Video One shot the May “Laguna Woods Stories” episode in the Studio with Betsy Martin as host, focusing on environmental issues with resident guests Jonathan Adler and Shari Horne. Click here for broadcast times.

Video One will on the 1st and 3rd Fridays (May 4 and 18) from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio for production planning and other business as well as Studio shoots. For information about joining Video One, contact Co-Facilitators Lucy Parker,, 949-456-4657, or Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788.

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