Online Video Classes Available FREE to Club Members

Some Entry-Level, Video-Related Classes


Lynda logo on laptop screenThe Video Club’s Learning Opportunities Committee has identified 33 video-related classes available FREE this fall to members of the Video Club of Laguna Woods! ALL YOU NEED TO ACCESS THEM IS A LIBRARY CARD – which you can obtain without charge at our local branch of the Orange County Public Libraries in Laguna Woods City Hall, or at any OCPL branch.

According to Lucy Parker, who is coordinating the club’s outreach program, “Laguna Woods is fortunate that the Orange County Public Libraries have joined many other library systems in the US and Canada to offer the full roster of over 3,500 online classes as a free learning service for library card holders – a service that normally costs $30 a month. Believe it or not,” she adds, “ offers 636 classes related to videomaking – the majority of them pro-level!”

The list above contains 33 “beginner” or “appropriate for all” video-related classes – along with references to many more entry-level classes on such topics as “creating a short film,” “learning cinematography,” “video gear,” and “lighting.” Most of these classes run 1-3 hours, broken into short video tutorials.

The Learning Opportunities Committee encourages club members to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity by enrolling in classes individually – or, perhaps more effectively, by joining together in small groups (even as few as two) to view and discuss selected courses.

“Our hope is that we can help and inspire each other to improve our video skills” says Lucy. For more information, contact her at, 949-456-4657.

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