Welcome to GroupWorks!

A Message from President Steve Carman

Steve CarmanOver the four years that I have served as President of the Video Club, I have looked for an affordable computer application that could serve as a communication conduit with members, while also keeping track of our membership data. Recently I discovered GroupWorks — a nicely designed tool that does all that we have needed and more – at no charge.

If you are currently one of our 165 active members, you should have received an invitation from me to join GroupWorks. If you completed your log-in, you will see the upcoming Events (meetings, classes, etc.) and Posts (information about the Video Club) where you can join in and add your thoughts.

If you are not currently a member, or have not provided a current email address, please feel free to join the Video Club by downloading the membership application from our website, filling it out, and mailing it with your check to our Membership Directo,r Gary Simpson. Annual dues start at $15/year. Contact Gary at garysimpson25@gmail.com with any membership questions.

I hope you will join GroupWorks (if you haven’t already), and help us improve our communication. We have already added Subgroups to focus our coordination, including the Video One Productions Subgroup, and the Board of Directors Subgroup, and others can be easily added. With additional features that could be added at no cost, we should benefit from GroupWorks to enhance our Club long into the future.

We’re sharing the story below from the GroupWorks website to give you a better idea of this organization’s personalized approach to communications and their special interest in senior users.

Groupworks’ Founder’s Story: Spencer Morgan

I couldn’t shake the thought: There had to be a better way

spencer-blog-image2In 2011 I was a journalist on assignment in Houston, covering the National Senior Games. I might have been decades away from being able to compete in the event myself, but I felt right at home. Probably because all four of my grandparents were such an important part of my childhood, I’ve always loved telling the stories of mature adults. Everywhere I went at the Senior Games, from the badminton court to the swimming pool, I spoke with amazing, passionate people with incredible stories.

But something troubled me. While age had not dimmed these active adults’ fire, they needed a better way to connect and engage. I envisioned a simple platform and toolset to help them connect with their passions and peers without the burden of administratively managing those connections. Their focus was to maximize quality time doing more of what they love and what matters most. As I traveled to do research within active adult communities, I saw that the existing platforms weren’t serving this population and I knew this was a problem worth solving.

I thought of my maternal grandmother, Jackie. Now in her 90s, Jackie is an inspiration to our family. When she’s not driving around in her convertible, she likes to write and share stories of her travels with us. Her experiences and passions help her live her best possible life every day. But I couldn’t imagine her feeling comfortable using generic social media channels. How many other vital, engaged, active adults could benefit from a trusted, passion-centric, purpose-driven platform?

I thought of my paternal grandfather, Harry.

His name was Harry Morgan. Maybe you know him as the actor who played Colonel Henry Potter on M*A*S*H, or as Joe Friday’s partner, Bill Gannon, on Dragnet. To me, he was my pal. We’d go out for cheesecake, or stay in and watch movies while scarfing Abba-Zabas. In his later years, my grandfather wasn’t the most socially active person. I can see now that he would have benefited from an established platform embraced by like-minded peers and their activity groups.

And so I began obsessing over this idea. There had to be a better way. A better way to connect and engage and inspire mature adults, and help them transform the late chapters of their lives into even more meaningful, lasting and emotionally fulfilled journeys.

That’s why I founded GroupWorks.

And, yes, my grandmother Jackie’s a fan.

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