Supervisors Reviewed Improvements to Video Lab at September 24 Round Table

Led by Friday Supervisor Wolfgang Kutter, the Video Lab Supervisors viewed two demos at their September 24 Round Table in the Video Lab. Thursday Supervisor Lucy Parker demonstrated Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, a useful file conversion utility now on several of the Lab’s PC and Mac computers. Club Secretary and Apple Specialist Stephanie Brasher (below) demonstrated the Lab’s new Apple TV device which allows iPad, iPhone, and Mac computer users to cast their screens to the Lab’s large-screen TV. With the assistance of Mac Club instructor Ron Plain, Stephanie has also added a new Apple TV in the Video Studio.


The Supervisors were pleased to see a new tall shelf in the front right corner of the Lab, assembled and installed  by Thursday Supervisor Jim Rohrs to help organize equipment. Jim, who serves as the Video Club’s Equipment Manager, has also simplified the maze of electrical wires in the Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center, adding a new power strip.

20180330_154335-smThe new database kept on the office PC, which lists all relevant software programs on all of the Lab’s PCs was recognized as a helpful addition. It was compiled by Friday Supervisor Marcia Berman (right).

In other actions, Tuesday Supervisor and Club Treasurer Bob Kulpa reported on his work keeping Lab PC computers up to date. Users are instructed NOT TO DOWNLOAD apps or updates on Lab computers, Bob said, adding that user files are kept on these computers no longer than six months “All users should keep a backup copy of their work on a flash driver or hard drive,” Bob advised.

In addition, Wolfgang told his colleagues that he will obtain software needed to burn Blu-Ray DVD discs in the Lab. The group also decided to eliminate the Capture Center computer used solely for checking outside flash drives and hard drives for viruses before attaching them to Lab computers. It was felt that virus software already on all Lab computers provides adequate protection, and the space freed up by removing the virus-checking computer will provide a much-needed sorting area for residents who bring in old photos, slides, and other materials to scan as digital files.

Also attending the meeting were Wednesday Supervisor Betsy Martin and Substitute Supervisors Norma Benner and Ralph Vanderlinde. The next twice-yearly Supervisors Round Table will be held in the spring.

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