3 New Classes in April: Sound, Camera, Light!

The Video Club offers you three new one-session classes in April to help improve your videos.

Click here for flier.

What goes into every video you shoot?
Dr. Tom Nash will help you improve in all three areas.
Put these dates in your calendar now!

Open to all Village residents. No pre-registration required. Each class is $5 for members, $20 for non-members (includes 2019 club membership).

How to Record Great Sound”
You capture the wedding, birthday party, etc., and the pictures are good — but the sound? Not so good! This one-session course will teach you how to get great sound.
Saturday, April 13, 10 am-noon, Video Lab

How to Get the Most from Your Video Camera”
Supports, settings, and more. How to hold your camera steady. What are all those settings on your video camera about? Learn how to greatly improve your video quality with these simple principles.
Saturday, April 20, 10 am-noon, Video Lab

Painting with Light”
You have probably noticed that a person can look much older or younger, depending on the light. Or sometimes the person you want to see is just a dark silhouette. What went wrong? Learn the simple techniques of using light to enhance your videos.
Saturday, April 27, 10 am-noon, Video Lab

For more information, contact Dr. Tom Nash, tom@tomnash.net, 714 381-0781.

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