Photo Project Seeks Village Residents Over 100

Above, Judy Saxon interviews centenarian Ruth Cummins. Photos by Mark Rabinowitch.

CENTENARIAN PROJECT ON “THIS DAY”: Video Club member Betsy Martin and Camera Club past-president Mark Rabinowitch were guests on the “This Day” Village Television news show on March 4, discussing the Village Centenarian Photo Project with host Ken Goldenberg. 

Watch Mark Rabinowitch and Betsy Martin on “This Day.”

Below, Cyndee Whitney interviews centenarian Cleo Lisle. 

MR8_0049 copy

The Village Centenarian Photo Project is looking for residents over 100 years of age to be photographed and interviewed for a special photo exhibit and Village Television program later this spring. Of the more than 70 centenarians who live in Laguna Woods Village, five of them —  Cleo Lisle, Alfred E. Briggs, Beatriz Hurwitz, John Dudley, and Ruth Cummins — have been photographed and interviewed so far, with three more scheduled. The project’s goal is 15.

Cleo Composit

Above, Cleo Lisle and her younger self.

John Dudley old-young

Above, John Dudley and his younger self.

Headed by Mark Rabinowitch, Camera Club past-president, and Lucy Parker, Video Club past-president, the project is co-sponsored by the two clubs and the Thrive Task Force, assisted by the Recreation Department. The project was inspired by Czech photographer Jan Langer, who created an exhibit matching current portraits of 13 centenarians with their portraits as young adults.

In addition to taking new portraits to match photos of the participants’ younger selves, the Village project records short video interviews. Interviewers are Video Club members who host their own Village Television shows Cyndee Whitney (“Discovering Laguna Woods Village”) and Judy Saxon (the “Write Now” show, ” hosted with Charlie Redner).

MR8_0065 copy

Centenarian Cleo Lisle poses with her interviewer Cyndee Whitney and members of the production team (from left) Mark Rabinowitz, Betsy Martin, Starkey, Jim Rohrs, Lucy Parker, and Tom Nash.

To volunteer as a participant or to suggest the name of a centenarian Village resident, please contact Betsy Martin, the team’s centenarian liaison, at 707-540-1955,, or call Daniel Alcala of the Recreation Department at 949-597-4273.

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