Shoots and More Shoots for Video One Productions

Producer Bill Hemberger 4-11-19-smMember of the Video Club’s special interest group, Video One Productions, were excited to learn at their March 1 meeting that their first 30-second public service announcement, part of a planned series of video spot announcements, has begun airing – not just on Village TV Channels 6 and 406 – but on Fox News and other major channels (but only in the Village). WHOO-EE!

The video, which warns seniors about the “your nephew is in jail” phone scam, was produced by Bill Hemberger (above) and features popular Village performers David Dearing (top of page) as the nasty scammer and Carol Glenn as the distraught senior being asked for her credit card number. Another spot in the series, produced last year by Jim Rohrs, promotes the Softball Club.

Here’s a quick run-down of Video One Productions projects currently underway:

An expansion of the team’s first dramatic video, “Write It Down.” The 13-minute comedy premiered last month, featuring Gila and Jules Zalon as a forgetful senior couple with Sheila Bialka as their helpful psychologist.  Written by Gila Zalon, directed by John Kelly, and produced by Phil Doran, the story deals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and Kelly is extending the short drama to the 30 minutes required for airing on Village Television by interviewing local medical authorities about memory loss. Interviews were scheduled for March 6.

Suzanne Savlov’s half-hour series, “Welcome to My Home,” continues to visit the homes of residents born in other countries to learn about their customs and foods, as well as their experiences living in the United States and in Laguna Woods Village. In February, Suzanne and her crew visited the home of Zipi Nahum who came here from Israel. Zipi and her husband treated Interviewer Jeanne Mayer and the crew to a traditional, home-made Passover meal. This show is expected to air in April. Other countries in the series have included Australia, India, Sweden, Germany, and China.

Awards Banquet Video: VidOne has scheduled a shoot March 15 to interview winners of the Video Club’s Annual Short Video Contest, chosen by members present February 16, when 10 competing videos were screened at the club’s 9th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet. Co-producers Suzanne Savlov and Lucy Parker will combine the interviews with still photos of the banquet taken by Andre Torng to extend the 40 minutes of short videos to an hour-long show to be aired on Village Television and uploaded to the club’s YouTube channel. Interviewers will be Bill Hemberger and Tracy Stewart. Contest winners were June Rose Davis (first), Wolfgang Kutter (second), and Jeanne Mayer and Sheryl Martin (third).  Watch for it!

Video One Productions is also involved in the Village Centenarian Photo Project, covered in another recent blog post.

Fred Harshbarger demos drone footage 2-1-19-smVidOner Fred Harshbarger (left), who produced a video of the popular Village musical group, The Woods Combo last year, continues to share his interest in recording dance music and shooting with his beloved drone. Here he discusses recent aerial footage at a VidOne meeting. Unfortunately, Fred’s original drone ended up in the Clubhouse 2 pool last year when he was recording an Aquadettes rehearsal. “No problem,” Fred assured fellow VidOners. “It was insured.”

As part of the group’s educational outreach, Co-Facilitator Jeanne Mayer has announced plans for interested team members to watch training videos after meetings. First up? Training in Audacity, a widely-used, free audio editing program.

For information about joining Video One Productions, contact Co-Facilitators Dr. Jeanne Mayer,, 949-587-9661, or Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788. Video One Productions meets on first and third Fridays from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio and is open to all who want to learn more about team-based video production.

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