June Davis Wins Top Video Award at 2019 Banquet

Photo portraits of guests, plus candid shots by Andre Torng – a total of 142 photos – are available at Andre’s online site:

Thirty-four shots from the banquet reception by Stephanie Brasher are available on the Video Club’s Google Photos site:


Photos below are by Andre Torng and Stephanie Brasher.


A good time was had by all at the Video Club’s 9th Annual “Academy” Awards Banquet on Saturday, February 16, in Clubhouse 2’s Sequoia Ballroom. Winners of the Annual Short Video Contest (top of page, from left) were Sheryl Martin and Jeanne Mayer, second place, for their comedic infomercial, “Jeanne’s Makeup Moment”; June Rose Davis, first place, for her gentle tribute to “Magical Aliso Creek”; and Wolfgang Kuitter, third place, for his scenic river voyage, “Boating on the Rhein in Switzerland.”

Goldies-smWhile others may have their Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys, Video Club awards will henceforth be known as “Goldies,” following President Steve Carman’s special contest to name our statuette. From a range of monikers proposed, the Video Club Board of Directors chose Stephanie Brasher’s suggestion, “Goldie,” to honor both the Golden Rain Foundations (which provides our facilities and most of our equipment) and our club members. As Steve put it, “We’re all Golden Oldies!”

IMG_8435hdEmcee David Dearing (left) provided a jovial tone for the evening and set off conversations at many tables by taking a quick survey to determine the tablemates’ picks for “best picture” in the upcoming 91st Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Awards (to be broadcast by ABC live on Sunday, February 24). Our winner: Green Book.

IMG_8203hdAfter enjoying drinks and conversation with piano stylings by Mark Hochberg — followed by a delicious dinner served by Jolanda with wine at every table — banquet guests viewed 10 videos entered in the club’s Annual Short Video Contest. Members present then voted to choose the winners. Topics of the videos, all member-produced and four minutes or less in length, varied from travel to humor to information. Techniques included special cartoon effects and animation.

At left, first-time entrant Kathie Hein with the bags where members put their voting tickets.
“This (video editing) is really hard work!” Kathie observed on one of the closing titles in her entry, a New Zealand travel video.
Below, another first-time entrant, Don Hill, used Apple Clips’ cartoon effects (learned in Stephanie Brasher’s class) in his light-hearted video, “The Idealist.”

Viewing Don Hill's VideoThe other contest entrants were Stephanie Brasher, “Saturday in the Park,” a jam session with local bluegrass musicians; Don Hill, “The Idealist,” special effects in Apple Clips with Mickey and Minnie Mouse; Suzanne Savlov, “Cooking in Florence, Italy,” a cooking lesson highlighting an anniversary trip; Betsy Martin, “Senior Angels,” behind the scenes at Meals on Wheels; Kathie Hein, “The Land Down Under, New Zealand,” narrative memory of spectacular seaside views; Fred Harshbarger, “Dip Net Fishing in Alaska,” catching salmon in nets from a rushing river; and Lucy V. Parker, “Self-Fulfilling Prophesies,” animated text sharing research on positive vs. negative views of aging.

Marsha Berman with Aloha SaxonMany thanks go to Banquet Chair Marsha Berman (shown with her aunt, Aloha Saxon, also a Village resident) and Reservations Chair Joan Carman (below). Marsha and Joan also provided the evening’s gala decorations. Joan greeted guests at the reception table, while Jeanne Mayer signed up new members.

Joan Carman at reception table-sm

John Kelly was the contest chair. Chuck Hale served as projectionist. Betsy Martin handled wine selection (and later won a bottle of wine donated by Jim Rohrs). Lucy Parker produced banquet fliers and programs. As in past years, Past-President Norma Benner, who started the Video Club’s Awards Banquet tradition, provided the “Goldie” awards.

Neil and Norma Benner with family members at VC Banquet 2-16-19Photo portraits of guests plus candid shots were taken by Andre Torng, with additional photography by Stephanie Brasher. At right is a portrait of Norma Benner with husband Neil and family members. All photos are available online for viewing and downloading. See links at top of page.

Door prizes were provided by Outback Steakhouse, Asia Buffet, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Sizzler, Corner Bakery, Trader Joe’s, Jolanda’s Café, and Jim Rohrs.


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