Now! See General Meetings on Our YouTube Channel

Another Video Club 30th Anniversary Project

It has long been a goal of the Video Club to capture and share the wide range of informative programs presented at our monthly General Meetings. Click here to see the list of our General Meetings since 2010.

applauseTo capture this material in recent years, we’ve been video-recording most of our General Meeting presentations. A book of DVDs in a cabinet at the front of the Video Lab contains many of these recordings. And a big round of applause goes out to Past-President Chuck Higginson, Vice President Tom Nash, Equipment Manager Jim Rohrs, and others who have helped in this effort!

But in an era of streaming video, why should we keep this useful information (an important part of our club history) hidden in a cabinet when we can put it on our club YouTube channel for all to enjoy?

To view our YouTube channel, go to and search “videocluboflagunawoods” or just click here

We are starting NOW to make our General Meetings more readily available — and we’re hoping to work backwards through our past files over time. We’ve checked the videos on our channel and these appear to be the FIRST POSTINGS of General Meetings.

Here are attorney Jules Zalon, our March 21, 2019, speaker; producer Jane Altschuler, our April 18, 2019, speaker; and aerial photography expert Larry Cunningham, our May 16, speaker. If you missed any of these talks, you can watch them now.





PrintThis is one of several 30th Anniversary Projects during 2019, which have included…

  • January Open House
  • Video Club plaque at Clubhouse 1
  • Raising funds to furnish the Video Studio Control Room
  • Video Club archives stored, we hope, in the History Center…

Chuck Hale 1-15And since we’re talking about history, here’s the lowdown (from the May, 2017, Videogram) on our YouTube channel — how it was re-built and organized by longtime member and instructor Chuck Hale (left), who still serves as our YouTube Coordinator and teaches a twice-yearly “Introduction to YouTube” class.

The article below describes a method of organization developed by Chuck, which will help you find most of our videos. The problem is, you have to remember Chuck’s five categories — Awards, Tutorials, Projects, and People. See details below.

PLAYLISTS are YouTube’s most widely-used method of organization, and with the uploading of the two videos above, we’ve created a YouTube Playlist for “General Meetings.” Over time, we hope this more-accessible search method can be used for our other videos, an option Chuck has mentioned.

From the May, 2017, Videogram…

197 Videos Now on New Club YouTube Channel

Months of effort have paid off for longtime member Chuck Hale, shown at right reporting to the Board of Directors on April 13. He has completed the set-up of a new YouTube channel for the Video Club with 197 videos uploaded. Many were culled from our former YouTube channel; others came from DVDs of member work stored in club archives. To access the new channel, after going to YouTube, search for “videocluboflagunawoods” or “vcoflw.” This channel is in the correct club name (Video Club of Laguna Woods), Chuck pointed out. Our previous YouTube address ( was in an incorrect club name and no longer works.

Chuck has organized the videos to help users find them easily, employing four key words.

  • vcoflw will get all our videos
  • vcoflw awards will get 12 videos of our awards banquets
  • vcoflw tutorials will get 47 tutorials
  • vcoflw projects will get 49 projects
  • vcoflw people will get 91 videos attached to member names

Forty-one videos had copyright issues, Chuck reported, but are “OK as is” as long as they can have ads attached by third parties and as long we we do not show for profit

The new channel is linked to the club’s email address,, which both Chuck and Lucy Parker, Publicity Director, check. In addition to managing the club’s YouTube channel and teaching a course in using YouTube (with his own video tutorials), Chuck manages Video Lab computers, teaches PC photo and file management, and provides individual Pinnacle training. Chuck has also placed a large supply of copyright-free music from the YouTube Library on all Lab computers.

NOTE: All of these videos were uploaded to YouTube without member permission. If anyone wants their video removed, please notify Chuck at, 949-770-4589.

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