Fred Harshbarger Named New Video One Productions Facilitator


Video Club member Fred Harshbarger (above) has stepped up as Video One Productions’ new Facilitator and is hosting twice-monthly Zoom meetings for the special interest group during the COVID 19 shutdown. VidOne participation is open to all Video Club members.

Zoom Meetings

The group currently meets online on the second and fourth Fridays at 1 pm when members report on current projects and share video-related information. Anyone interested in participating and learning more about team-based video production should contact Fred at, 714-979-4786, for information.

The Video Club Spotlight

Providing a new way for club members to share their videos, Fred is also spearheading development of a possible Village Television series, currently dubbed “The Video Club Spotlight.” The first episode, 60-minutes in length, features the work of four Video Club members, Wolfgang Kutter, Tom Nash, Starkey, and Fred Harshbarger, and is expected to air in July or August. Air times TBA.

If you are a Video Club member and would like to submit a video to the new show for consideration (up to 30 minutes in length), please contact Fred,, 714-979-4786.

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