Videos in the Works: “Beyond the Gates,” Concerts-by-the-Creek, Awards Banquet

“Beyond the Gates”

The pilot for the Video Club’s new monthly half-hour Village TV series, “Beyond the Gates,” is nearing completion, according to Producer Suzanne Savlov, who also originated the “Welcome to My Home” Village TV series, visiting homes of residents born abroad. Produced by Video One Productions and co-hosted by Susan Wheeler and Bill Hemberger, “Beyond the Gates” takes viewers to local places-of-interest. Jack Crawbuck is developing a special introduction for the show, which is expected to launch during the summer. Air times TBA. Dr. Tom Nash serves as the show’s Executive Producer.

The pilot includes three segments, explains Suzanne. The first two were shot on February 20, before the COVID 19 shutdown. In one segment, host Susan Wheeler takes viewers to the Open Market, featuring arts and crafts on the second floor of the former Macy’s store at the former Laguna Hills Mall. The second segment was shot at Green Thumb Nursery with Jack Crawbuck operating a single camera “Huell Howser-style.” Jack shot the third segment recently at Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo.

“We expect to continue shooting during the summer,” says Suzanne, “but we may have to use members’ gear because the Video Studio, housing our club equipment, may remain closed.” She added that more segment producers and location suggestions are needed for “Beyond the Gates.” Original ideas and organizational skills – but not tech skills – are required to become a segment producer. If you would like to get involved in this fun project, contact Suzanne at

Concerts-by-the-Creek Video

Among the few highlights brightening the dark spring of 2020 in the Village have been the daily concerts-by-the-creek, originated by resident Mark Greenman, a retired attorney turned singer-guitarist. The open-air, “bring-your-own-chair” performances by Mark and others were featured on the front-page of the May 28 Globe.

The concerts have also been captured in a half-hour stand-alone Video Club video shot by Tom Nash, Jack Crawbuck, and Jim Rohrs, and edited by Tom. Five groups – both residents and guests – appear in the video, including a six-member Hawaiian band (above). The video is expected to air during July, says Tom. Air times TBA.

The outdoor concerts continue to be held daily near the creek, according to Mark Greenman (left), who performs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 2-3:30 pm, with other groups and individual performers appearing from 2-3:30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Sunday concerts, held from 1-6 pm with multiple performers, are special, Mark explains – adding that he hopes to see Sunday outdoor concerts become a lasting feature of Village life, even after the pandemic subsides.

Awards Banquet Video

Suzanne Savlov is putting finishing touches on her editing of an hour-long video about the Video Club’s Annual Short Video Contest and the 10th Annual Awards Banquet, held February 1 in the Clubhouse Two Main Dining Room, where contest winners were chosen. All eight entry videos will be included, with special commentary by hosts Susan Wheeler and Bill Hemberger on the winning videos – ”Abraham, Martin, and John” by Stephanie Brasher, “Memories” by Fred Harshbarger, and “Found My Bucket List” by Don Hill.

The Awards Banquet video will be shown on Village TV during the summer (air times TBA) and will be posted on the Video Club’s YouTube channel with past banquet videos. Our channel may be reached by going to and entering “Video Club of Laguna Woods” in the search bar.

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