Old Pros Discontinue Podcasts, Thank Video Club for Help

In an email sent to Vice President Tom Nash and others on June 4, 2020, Video Club member Sheila Bialka shared the following:

“Sorry to have to report that we will be sending out our last podcast on July 3rd, we are closing up due to lack of listeners.  We have continued to put out a new podcast  every month through this shut down but the numbers have slowly gone down, so for the amount of work each one entails we feel it is just not worth the effort.

“We want to thank you for the use of the Video Club facilities and all of the help you have given us, we hope we can do another project with you soon. It was fun while it lasted.

“Our best wishes to you and the Video Club.

“Sheila Bialka, Miranda McPhee, Gila Zalon, Sunita Saxena”

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