New Leaders Join Board – Meet John Glassco and Doug Sainsbury

John Glassco and Doug Sainsbury were welcomed by President Steve Carman as new members of the Video Club Board of Directors at its May 5 meeting. John is our new YouTube Administrator with special focus on uploading more and better videos to the club YouTube channel – and making all the videos more accessible. Doug will serve in the new position of Globe Liaison, with special emphasis on better informing residents about shows produced by Video One Productions for Village TV. BTW – many of these shows later become available on the Village TV YouTube channel. Doug will also provide the Globe Tech Section with weekly information about classes and other club activities.

NOTE: New on Our YouTube Channel

Take a look at John Glassco’s March 18 General Meeting Zoom presentation, “Stop-Motion Animation,” – along with Video One Productions Facilitator Fred Harshbarger’s April 15 General Meeting Zoom presentation on “What to Bring on Your African Video Safari.” Thanks to John Glassco for posting these and other new videos. To visit our club YouTube channel anytime, go to and enter “Video Club of Laguna Woods” in the search bar. Then, click on our club logo in the search results.

John Glassco

A Laguna Niguel resident, John addressed our March 18 General Meeting via Zoom on “A Brief Venture into the World of Stop Motion Animation” and was a 2021 Video Club Goldies Award winner for his short animated video, “Lego Houdini.” He replaces longtime club member Chuck Hale in the YouTube Administrator position. For many years, Chuck taught club classes on video editing, Windows photo and file management, and “Introduction to YouTube.” He and his wife Barbara are currently on an extended automobile tour of the United States.

John joined the Video Club, he says, to “(keep) my hand in this wonderful creative art” and has “enjoyed working on the ‘Beyond the Gates’ TV show as a photographer and Segment Producer.” A retired pathologist/molecular oncologist in the San Fernando Valley, John was a Senior Attending Physician at UCLA. He and a creative partner got into stop-motion animation in 1970-71, later forming Paraglass Productions.

Sometimes known as “Doc Hollywood,” John also spent years in the entertainment industry as a medical/science consultant for movies and television and was the principle medical consultant for the Star Trek TV shows, starting from the 7th season of Next Generation though the last episode of Voyager. He has produced several documentaries, including a four-part miniseries on travel to Austria and one on outdoor filming locations for the movie “Sound of Music.” He’s currently working on a documentary about Beethoven.

Doug Sainsbury

Born and raised near Chicago, writer and Village resident Doug Sainsbury graduated from Ernest Hemingway’s alma mater, Oak Park-River Forest High School. He earned a BA in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and later a JD from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent Law School. During the 1960s, world events shaped a chapter in his life, leading to a tour in the Army and 14 months in Vietnam. Doug’s main assignments were Battalion Legal Specialist and Public Information Officer (War Correspondent – News Reporter and Photographer).

After military service, Doug spent 40 years in the consumer credit and banking industries – the last nine years as Managing Examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. In 2011, Doug retired to Southern California to be closer to his children and to pursue his lifelong dream of writing fiction. And write fiction he did – producing a three novels in an action-adventure series, followed by a new novel set in the world of high finance! Doug has also joined a screenwriting group led by Video Club member Gila Zalon in Laguna Woods Village, where he is adapting some of his work as screenplays.

Doug’s first novel, Intrusion, published in 2014, introduces Jeremy Chambers, a man whose world is turned upside down when a mysterious force takes over his life, triggering a potential international crisis. The FBI protects Jeremy from Russian assassins, and he discovers he has strange new powers. In Doug’s second novel, Phantasm (2017), Jeremy has disappeared, and his wife and family have moved on with their lives. But when his wife is targeted by thugs, Jeremy is enticed back into the open, beginning a mysterious new chain of events. Emergence (2018), Doug’s third Jeremy Chambers novel, finds the Russian mob in Chicago preying on Jeremy’s friends. Using his special abilities to help his friends, Jeremy finds that the invisible forces which empower him also threaten to destroy his life.

In his most recent novel, Trillions (2020), Doug took a new direction when Chicago financial executive David Knight finds a huge deposit in his checking account – source unknown. A mistake? Drug cartels? Organized crime? The bank and Federal agencies investigate possible national security issues. A furtive woman tries to drive a wedge between Dave and his fiancee. Dave goes to work for a mysterious neighbor. And a portal in cyberspace challenges the FBI in tracing the funds. Struggling to normalize his life, Dave wonders when this fiasco will end.

If you’d like to explore these imaginative worlds further, contact Doug at about obtaining copies of his books.

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