Corel VideoStudio Forum and Apple Forum to Resume in-Person Meetings on September 20

As we return from Zoom meetings to in-person activities, both the Corel VideoStudio Forum, facilitated by Wolfgang Kutter, and the Apple Forum, facilitated by Stephanie Brasher, and have chosen to meet monthly on third Mondays. The next meeting for both will be on Monday, September 20, in the Video Lab – the Corel VideoStudio Forum at 10 am with special emphasis on starting a video project, and the Apple Forum at 1 pm.

For more information about the Corel VideoStudio Forum (devoted to video editing on Windows PCs), contact Wolfgang at The September 20 meeting, says Wolfgang, will also “Review…Corel Video Studio features discussed during the past 6 Zoom meetings. Each participant is encouraged to share a short video which they are working on or have completed recently. Explain any special editing steps taken or asked questions which may have come up during the editing process.”

For more information about the Apple Forum (for video users of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers), contact Stephanie at Each session highlights an Apple feature, plus questions about Apple devices and iMovie, Clips, and Keynote video applications. Participants share their work and learn new tips and techniques.

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