Shooting Has Wrapped on “The Hole in One” – Now Comes the Editing!

This 10-minute video was shot and edited by Fred Harshbarger from Hin1 shoots he attended on November 15 at the Pro Driving Range (when audio problems cut the session short) and on November 17 at a Village manor where three scenes (count ’em!) were shot in a day-long effort. The lengthy, four-page scene which opens “The Hole in One” was finally completed on December 13 in a second shoot at the Pro Driving Range.

The Video One Productions team completed shooting of the Video Club’s third short dramatic film, “The Hole in One,” during November and December of 2021. Cast members from The Old Pros Jules Zalon, Artie Rosenstein, Terry Baker, Wendy Hames, and Barbara Powell, all Village residents, brought to life resident Douglas F. Sainsbury’s winning original script, chosen in September from eight entries submitted by residents and former residents.

Photos by Alexandra Scott-Kelly. Right top, Camera Operator John Glassco. Right center, Grip Alan Clark (left) with Actor Artie Rosenstein. Above left, Script Supervisor and Editor Suzanne Savlov notes details on each shot. Above right, Grip Eric Kuramoto equips Actor Wendy Hames with microphone. CLICK ON ANY GALLERY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.

Dubbed “Hin1” by the production team, the film focuses on a feisty retiree (Jules Zalon) battling a fatal illness and set on completing his bucket list by getting a hole in one. Another retiree, a skilled golfer (Artie Rosenstein), volunteers to coach him, becoming his close friend and helping him put his bucket list – and his life – into perspective.

Director Lucy Parker is now working closely with Script Supervisor and Editor Suzanne Savlov on post-production. The final product is expected to premiere at a Village event in early spring. “The Hole in One” will also air on Village Television and may be submitted to short film festivals before going onto the Video Club’s YouTube channel.

Photos by Alexandra Scott-Kelly. Left top, Betsy Martin (left) handled Catering. Grabbing sandwiches are Director Lucy Parker and Grip Eric Kuramoto. Right top, Dramatic Consultant Sheila Bialka coaches Actor Jules Zalon. Right center, Sheryl Strich was one of three Clapper Operators (but in a pinch, Writer Doug Sainsbury handled the job, too). Above left, Cindy (Wendy Hames) confronts ex-husband Don (Jules Zalon, center) as Don’s new friend Greg (Arti Rosenstein) lends support. Above right, Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck shoots bar scene where the new golfing pals share confidences over drinks. CLICK ON ANY GALLERY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.

Made up of 13 scenes in 20 pages – plus an action “montage” of five very shorts scenes – Hin1 was shot at 14 Village locations — often through the cooperation of Tom McCray, PGA, Village Golf Operations Manager, and his staff.

Hin1’s shooting locations were the Pro Shooting Range; Course 2; the Par 3 Course and patio; the main Shooting Range Ball Shack and parking lot; the Clubhouse 7 vending machine area; the putting green near Clubhouse 2; the 19 Restaurant and Bar; the Village Greens Pro Shop; and (in one very long day of shooting) the patio, living room, and bedroom of a Village manor. The film is expected to run about 20 minutes.

Photos by Alexandra Scott-Kelly. Right top, Actor Barbara Powell as a waitress takes food orders from Arti Rosenstein (left) and Jules Zalon in scene from “The Hole in One.” Barbara was also the team’s Wardrobe and Makeup Supervisor and a Clapper Operator. Right center, Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck and Director Lucy Parker confer on a shot. Above, left, set on Par 3 course patio offered beautiful golf vistas but nasty lighting problems. Above, right, Doe Krug was one of the crew’s three clapper operators. CLICK ON ANY GALLERY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.

One of Producer John Kelly’s responsibilities was to negotiate access to locations, especially Laguna Woods Village’s extensive — and heavily-used — golf facilities. A retired videographer, John directed the Video Club’s two previous short dramatic films, “Write It Down” (2019) and “What? You, Too?” (2020). As Director of Photography, Jack Crawbuck heroically managed both camera operations and sound. Sheila Bialka served as Dramatic Advisor during rehearsals as well as shooting. Writer Doug Sainsbury continues to serve as the film’s oft-consulted Golf Advisor, while Executive Producer Dr. Tom Nash continues to advise the whole team.

Photo by Alexandra Scott-Kelly. Left top Actors Arti Rosenstein (left) and Jules Zalon portray golfing friends in “The Hole in One.” Photos by Betsy Martin. Right top, Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck hides lavalier mic on Actor Arti Rosenstein. Right center, Dramatic Consultant Sheila Bialka on set. Above left, Grip Alan Clark (left) brought jackets to actors between takes during 53-degree shoot on December 13 at the Pro Driving Range. Photo by Fred Harshbarger. Above right, Director Lucy Parker calls “Action!” as Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck shoots scene near Ball Shack at Village Driving Range. CLICK ON ANY GALLERY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.

Additional members of the Hin1 crew were John Glassco and Eric Kuramoto, Camera Operators; Jim Rohrs, Sound Technician; Barbara Powell, Sheryl Strich, and Doe Krug, Clapboard Operators; Eric Kuramoto and Alan Clark, Gaffers and Grips; and Joe Lorhan and Wen Chen-Lorhan, Production Assistants.

Others were Alexandra Scott-Kelly, Art Director and Props Manager; Barbara Powell, Costume and Makeup Supervisor; and Alexandra Scott-Kelly, Betsy Martin, Fred Harshbarger, and Joe Lorhan, Production Stills. Catering Manager Betsy Martin, assisted by Gloria D’Simone Shute, fed the cast and crew.

Photo by Alexandra Scott-Kelly. Right top, Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck shoots a scene on Par 3 Course. Photos by Joe Lorhan. Left top, Director of Photography Jack Crawbuck (right) confers with (from left) Director Lucy Parker, Writer Doug Sainsbury, and Producer John Kelly during shoot on Village Course 2. Left center, Director Lucy Parker discusses scene with Actors (from left) Jules Zalon, Arti Rosenstein, and Terry Baker during the Course 2 shoot. Above left, Actor Terry Baker (left) shares coffee with Betsy Martin (center) and Gloria D’Simone-Shute, who handled Catering. Above left, Production Assistant Wen Chen-Lorhan (left) and Producer John Kelly confer. CLICK ON ANY GALLERY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT.

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