“Seeking Online Adventures” by Mary Zolly Wins Annual Short Dramatic Script Contest

A fast-paced comedy about seniors exploring computer dating will be the Video Club’s fifth Short Dramatic Film. “Seeking Online Adventures” by Mary Zolly (left) was selected in April from original scripts submitted by residents to the Annual Short Dramatic Script Contest. It will be produced this year by the Video Club’s Video One Productions team.

A Video Club member, Mary has performed in many Village stage productions and participates in a local scriptwriting group. Her entry was originally titled “Never Too Late.”

The author is currently working on her script as part of a Video One “writers room” with members who have produced past Video Club films – Gila Zalon, Lucy Parker, Jack Crawbuck, John Kelly, and Suzanne Savlov. Their scriptwriting focus is on Sophia, a self-proclaimed relationship expert and podcaster, as she tries to involve two septugenarian lady-friends in online dating – while suave and attractive Ted adds a few complications.

Pre-production is planned later this spring, including casting, and location-planning, Shooting is anticipated this summer, followed by editing and musical scoring in post-production for an autumn premiere.

Above (from left), Gila Zalon, Mary Zolly, Jack Crawbuck, and Lucy Parker work on script for Video Club’s next Short Dramatic Film.

The Video Club’s fourth Short Dramatic Film, “Bowling Ball Debacle,” premiered March 16 in the Video Lab. It was directed by Gila Zalon and edited by Suzanne Savlov with cinematography by John Kelly. Previous films in the series are “Write It Down” (2019), “What? You, Too?” (2020), and “The Hole in One” (2022).

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