Video One Announces Upcoming TV Programs, Plans Three-Camera Shoot on May 16

The Video One Productions team continues a busy schedule of TV productions with three monthly shows “Beyond the Gates,” “Eyes on Books,” and “Laguna Woods Stories.” In addition, in May Jack Crawbuck will lead a group using three cameras to video a one-act play in the Village. Joe Selikov will handle audio on this shoot.

Video One Productions plans to continue meeting throughout the summer on second and fourth Fridays at 1 pm via Zoom. Open to club members, this Special Interest Forum helps participants build video skills while doing team-based projects. For more information or a link to attend a meeting, contact the group’s Facilitator, Fred Harshbarger, at

“Beyond the Gates”Wednesdays at 11 am and Sundays at 9 am
“Eyes on Books”Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30 am
“Laguna Woods Stories”Wednesdays and Sundays at 12 noon
“Video Club Spotlight”Sundays at 4 pm
Jazzing Around”Fridays at 8:30 pm and Sundays at 4:30 pm

Beyond the Gates”

“Beyond the Gates” goes surfing in May, 2023 with a fast-action show produced by Jack Crawbuck. In the first segment, host and resident Bill Hemberger interviews famed surfer and surfboard expert Duke Aipa at his surfboard store in Santa Ana. Next, host Nadia Sturner goes to Dana Point Harbor where she views the Doheny surfing statues (right) and interviews surfing historian Tom Sutherland. We may see more about the local surfing scene on “Beyond the Gates” this summer, since Jack says her has “enough footage for three shows.”

Tentative plans for “Beyond the Gates” in June will take host and resident Susan Wheeler to restaurants and a chocolate factory in Laguna Niguel. In addition to hosting, Susan will be segment producer on this show.

Eyes on Books”

In May, “Eyes on Books” interviews Susan Elia MacNeal, author of Mother Daughter Traitor Spy, a mystery-thriller-suspense novel described by the South Florida Sun Sentinel as “a first-class combination of espionage, historical and domestic drama.” In the words of bestselling author Kim Fay, MacNeal’s book “explores the Nazi party in World War II Los Angeles and the relationship between a mother and daughter as they confront the dangers of being true to themselves while doing the right thing.” Residents Teri and John Kelsall host the show.

In June, “Eyes on Books” will interview the best-selling sister-and-brother novelist team, Allison and Owen Pataki, about their highly-rated historical novel, Where the Light Falls, described by Amazon Books as “a rich and sweeping novel of courage, duty, sacrifice, and love set during the French Revolution.” Hosts will be Elaine Schnitter and resident Steve Savlov.

Other Video Club TV Programs

Tom Nash’s long-running show, “Laguna Woods Stories,” featuring interviews with interesting Village residents and produced by Video One Productions, is currently in re-runs, but productions is expected to resume. Video One Productions’ Facilitator Fred Harshbarger’s two shows, “Video Club Spotlight,” featuring short videos by club members, and “Jazzing Around,” featuring West Coast jazz performances, are both in re-runs.

Help Shoot “Free Radicals”

The shoot below offers a great opportunity to learn more about multi-camera remote techniques. To be a part of Jack’s team, contact him at or 858-205-0950.

The play Jack Crawbuck and his Video One Productions team will be shooting on Tuesday, May 16, is “Free Radicals,” an intense one-act drama, presented in Clubhouse 7 by A Music Lovers Club and One Foot in the Grave Productions – along with a gourmet dinner of seven hearty salads. Doors open at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6, performance at 7:30, followed by questions and answers. Directed by Sandy O’Connor, the play stars Barbara Turino and Jeff Sinclair. For more information or reservations at $25 each, call Steve Metstahn at 714-292-5992.

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