Ward Cushman’s Ambitious Goal: “Visit Every Village Manor – on A Bicycle”

The Video Club always encourages members to come up with creative ideas for making our own videos. Now Ward Cushman, a retired minister, Village resident, and Administrator of our club YouTube Channel, has come up with a real challenge!!

An avid bicyclist, Ward is still recovering from a recent accident injury caused by a motorist, but he’s wasting no time getting “back in the saddle.” Below he tells you about his video challenge in his own words:

“What would it be like to travel through Laguna Woods Village on a bicycle starting at manor number one and going in numerical order to the very last manor? Is it even possible to do that? What surprising historical tidbits will we discover?

“Our plan is to ride a bicycle equipped with a GoPro video camera through Laguna Woods Village. We will have an audio track that describes where we are, differences in buildings, dates of buildings, and other pertinent information. At various points we will stop and interview people, hopefully Village officials and/or historians, who will share interesting things about the Village.

“It’s likely we will be able to highlight many different aspects of the Village, including architecture, horticulture, and other things. This will be a journey of discovery, and we’re not sure what we are going to discover, but expect to have fun in the process.”

Ward has already met with leaders at the History Center regarding his project and plans to reach out widely in the Village for “historical tidbits” as part of his research. Before moving here about two years ago, Ward began producing his own Bible-study videos. At the Video Club, he’s jumped in with enthusiasm, taking classes as well as joining Video One Productions and volunteering for camera, audio, and editing assignments on a variety of projects.

If you would like to contact Ward about his Village Bicycle Tour project, email ward.cushman@gmail.com. We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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