Video One Productions Names New Co-Facilitator, Plans Dramatic Video

New Co-Facilitator

VO HEADSHOT RESUME 5.18.17Video One Productions (please notice the new name, recently approved by the group) has a new leader this fall. Dr. Jeanne Mayer (left) will replace Lucy Parker as the group’s Co-Facilitator, joining retired TV comedy writer Phil Doran, who will continue as Co-Facilitator. Two two will alternate leading the twice-monthly meetings, held on first and third Fridays from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio. Jeanne is an actress/talk show host, producer/director, singer/composer, college professor, and author/motivational speaker. Her on-camera acting credits include appearances in numerous shows, films and commercials, while her producing, writing, and directing credits consist of many stage productions. She holds a Ph.D. in Music Education and Educational Television and was faculty at Chapman University, Brandman University, Mt. St. Mary’s University, along with consulting at Cal State Los Angeles, and Cal State Fullerton, Cal State San Bernardino, et al.  She is currently in pre-production for a children’s TV show.

10-Minute Dramatic Video

screenwritingThis fall, an exciting prospect for Video One Productions is the new class, “Producing Dramatic Video,” which starts Friday, September 14, from 1-3 pm in the Video Studio, led by Dr. Tom Nash. “The goal,” says Tom, “is to write, cast, shoot, edit, and do post-production sound for a dramatic video of approximately 10 minutes, to be shown first at the Video Club’s 30th Anniversary Open House, Thursday January 17, as well as on Village Television and elsewhere.” A “call for scripts” (which may be of any genre, such as comedy, mystery, romance, etc.) has gone out to Village writers; however, the selected script may later be edited by the production team. The class is open without charge to members of Video One Productions. For more information, contact Tom at, 714 381-0781.

Summer Shoots

VidOners decided to meet throughout the summer while the rest of the Video Club went dark, and their efforts paid off with several video shoots. Notable among them was extensive coverage of The Woods Combo resident jazz group performing in Clubhouse 1 (with VidOner Bill Hemberger on drums). Below is a sample of their work, produced and edited by Video One member Fred Harshbarger.

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Led by VidOner Charlie Redner, a group of members shot footage of several Aquadettes performances in late August. While the footage from several cameras has yet to be assembled by Video Club member Valerie Link, the Aquadettes artistic director, VidOner Fred Harshbarger has already posted some of his footage on YouTube.

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On August 31, VidOner John Kelly, the club’s External Video Coordinator, managed a Video Studio shoot of resident Selma Bukstein giving her Heroes of Democracy presentation (formerly known as Dolls for Democracy). See the edited video. Dolls for Democracy was an educational program launched in the 1950s by a national women’s group to tell the stories of humanitarian heroes like Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, and Martin Luther King to school children throughout the US, using hand-crafted 12-inch dolls. Selma is the subject of an award-winning 21-minute documentary, “The Last Doll Lady,” (see trailer) directed and edited by Irvine filmmaker Taryn Hough, who attended the August 31 shoot and will be our September 20 General Meeting speaker.

Get Involved

Video One Productions is open to all residents and club members interested in learning team-based video production techniques. As Tom Nash states in his “Producing Dramatic Video” class description: “We invite writers, actors, camera operators, sound recordists, video editors, costume and makeup people, and graphic artists to join this effort.” Video One members must belong to the Video Club. For information, contact Co-Facilitators Phil Doran,, 949-421-9788, or Jeanne Mayer,, 949-587-9661.

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