“Short Film Showcase” Drew Capacity Crowd on April 1

The Video Club welcomed a full house to its new Short Film Showcase on Monday, April 1, from 1-3 pm in the Video Lab – including many newcomers who had heard about the event through the Globe, Village Television, and fliers. Betsy Martin, Short Film Showcase Coordinator, is shown at right, hosting the program.

According to Betsy, the Showcase’s four-fold objective is to entertain, socialize, inspire and motivate, and educate. It replaces Project Day as an opportunity for members and other residents to share and discuss videos. Club Secretary and Apple specialist Stephanie Brasher suggested the Showcase and lined up the eight short videos – most of them from the US or UK. In Stephanie’s words: “A selection of short dramas, comedies, documentaries, and animations was chosen to entertain, inspire, and motivate participants to create their own videos.” All of these videos, listed below, are available on YouTube. Just enter the title in “Search.”

Joy Story (3:44) – animation
Run with Me (13:54)
Bunny New Girl (5:51)
Miss Devine (StoryCorps) (3:29) – animation
Life Lessons (13:29)
The Circle (4:41)
Alternative Math (9:07)
Power of Team Work (1:22) – animation

20190401_130834Each video was followed by a brief discussion led by Tom Nash, who demonstrated his chops as a former college professor. Tom founded and headed the Mass Communications Department at Biola University. He drew a wide range of comments from the audience of about 50, as they munched the free popcorn featured at the event.

The next Short Film Showcase will be held on Monday, October 7, from 1-3 pm in the Video Lab. If you would like to suggest a video to be included, please contact Betsy Martin, bmartin125@comline.com, 707-540-1955.

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