Summer BBQ Draws Happy Crowd of 75


Video Lab-Shuffleboard Court Removed 8-23-17The new pocket park adjoining the Video Lab, created in 2017-18 on a patch of land once occupied by shuffleboard courts (see the area at right on August 23, 2017), provided the perfect setting for the Video Club’s First Annual Summer BBQ, which drew an enthusiastic crowd of 75 on July 18, 2019 — and is a sure bet to be repeated next year. Above, President Steve Carman addresses attendees.

Historical Note: Our Summer BBQ marked the first-ever organized social use of the new pocket park with its scenic mountain backdrop. BBQ grill, tables, chairs, PA system, ice, and ice-water were provided by Clubhouse 2’s helpful staff.

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(Above) On the patio outside Clubhouse 2, guests lined up for the best burgers in the memory of this reporter (Lucy Parker) — specially purchased and grilled by John Kelly (above). See a note from John below on how to get more of these amazing patties. Alexandra Scott Kelly, John’s wife, grilled special hot dogs prepared by Mattern Meats of Orange. Potluck dishes from guests completed the menu for the no-charge event — a gift from the Video Club to our members and friends. (However, $60 was contributed into a container put out to collect burger and hot dog tickets. Thanks, folks!!)

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Marsha Berman (above) chaired the event (above, photo by Joel Goldberg) with shopping help from Betsy Martin. Betsy (top, right) led grandchildren in games on the grassy lawn. Assisting Marsha in set-up were Stephanie Brasher, Paul Kachaturian, Betsy, and Lucy Parker. Stephanie also handled guest check-in.

Special thanks go to Dan Reynolds (“Captain Dan”), who shot video (and also brought a group of guests for a family birthday at the event). Dan plans to have a 10-minute edited version of his coverage available in the Video Studio during the Work Day on Monday, July 22, from 1-3 pm. His footage may be shown again at our first General Meeting on Thursday, September 19. Bonnie Beaux Fullerton took still photos (although, except at noted, the photos in this report are by Lucy Parker). We hope to see Bonnie’s pictures soon — maybe at the September General Meeting.

Hamburger Patty Note from John Kelly:
“The patties are from a company named ‘Cattlemen’s Ranch.’ They are the 100% certified Black Angus type (which) Cattlemen’s Ranch sells all over the USA and online. ‘100% Certified Black Angus Beef’ is a registered standard and has the CAB registration mark from the USDA. Originally bred in Aberdeenshire and Angus region of Nth East Scotland. Breeders Hugh Watson and William McCombie are credited with establishing the breed as a distinct variety.

“Cattlemen’s made this batch for Aldi (that is why they were so cheap). I checked with Aldi weekly to see if they had any. Sometimes ‘yes,’ sometimes ‘no,’ sometimes seasoned, sometimes not. But over the space of a month, I was able to gather the 60 patties we needed.

“If you wanted them tomorrow, I would probably go online and get them from Amazon or Whole Foods, 6 patties (1/3 lb each) between $6.00- $10.00/ package. The unseasoned ones I seasoned myself. I didn’t find a mass marketer (Stater, Ralphs, etc.) that always carried them. Hope this (background) helps.”


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