Cast Chosen, Some Crew Positions Still Open for Filming ‘The Hole in One’

Several crew positions are still open for Video One Productions’ short dramatic film, “The Hole in One,” according to Director Lucy Parker. Casting has been completed. Shooting will take place the week of Monday, November 15, at several Village locations.

“Being on a film crew is a great opportunity to learn how stories are brought from page to screen,” says Lucy. “It’s a stop-start combination of working hard, then watching and waiting. And it can be fun, with lots of espirit de corps.”

Key crew positions are still open which require no special tech skills. They include Props Manager, Catering Manager, and Titles Manager. Crew members are also needed as sound recordists, gaffers and grips, production assistants, and possibly camera operators. If you would like to help in any capacity between November 15 and 19, please contact Lucy Parker,, 949-456-4657.

Arti Rosenstein (left) and Jules Zalon play golfing buddies in new Video One Productions short dramatic film, “The Hole in One,” scheduled to start shooting at various Laguna Woods Village locations on November 15.

“The Hole in One” (dubbed “Hin1” by the productions team), was written by Video Club member Doug Sainsbury and was selected in August from eight original scripts submitted by residents. In September, led by Casting Director Gila Zalon, tryouts were held for Hin1 and several other Village productions. Hin1’s resident cast, all experienced actors, is now assembled and in rehearsals, working with Lucy and Dramatic Advisor Sheila Bialka.

Video Club member Jules Zalon (at right in photo) will play Don, a retiree facing terminal leukemia and determined to score a hole in one to complete his bucket list. Arti Rosenstein (at left in photo) will play Greg, a retiree and skilled golfer who befriends Don. Others in the cast are Terry Baker as Chester, the driving range attendant; Wendy Hames as Cindy, Don’s ex-wife; and Barbara Powell as the Waitress.

John Kelly, who directed the Video Club’s two previous short dramatic films, “Write It Down” (2019) and “What? You, Too?” (2020), is the film’s Producer with Dr. Tom Nash as Executive Producer. Other key crew members are Jack Crawbuck, Director of Photography; Suzanne Savlov, Script Supervisor and Editor; John Glassco and Fred Harshbarger, Camera Operators; Joe Selikov, Audio Director; Jim Rohrs, Sound Recordist; Barbara Powell, Clapboard Operator; Alexandra Scott-Kelly, Art Director and Still Photographer; Sheila Bialka, Dramatic Advisor; and Doug Sainsbury, Golf Advisor.

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